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After 99 years, the St. Edmund Parish School has closed. An account of its final day was published in the Oak Park newspaper, Wednesday Journal. Click here to read the story.

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St. Edmund Parish School Mission Statement

Established in 1917, St. Edmund Parish School provides an academically excellent faith-based education in the Catholic
tradition. Here, children of diverse backgrounds gather:
♦ to learn and live the message of Jesus Christ;
♦ to develop the ability to think critically;
♦ to foster an appreciation for language and the arts;
♦ to broaden their global and social awareness;
♦ to engage in physical activity and adopt a spirit of sportsmanship;
♦ to prepare for rigorous academic programs in high school and at university;
♦ to recognize and deepen their relationship to Christ both personally and in their faith community.
In tandem with parents and the faith community, St. Edmund Parish School ultimately seeks to provide a safe and nurturing
learning environment where our children will flourish and reach their fullest potential.


A Brief History of St. Edmund School

St. Edmund Parish School began its commitment to excellence in Catholic education in 1917, when Father John Code made plans to construct a school on the corner of Oak Park Avenue and Pleasant Street in Oak Park. Henry J. Schlacks designed the building after the Palace of Justice in Rouen, France. The cornerstone was laid on May 20, 1917, but the building was not ready when school started in September. The children attended Bishop Quarter School on Lake Street until the building was completed.

The school was dedicated on October 14, 1917 with a grand procession led by Archbishop Mundelein and Father Code. The Dominican order of nuns from Adrian, Michigan, originally ran the school and lived in a part of the school until a convent was bought for them.

On May 9, 1948, Cardinal Stritch dedicated the annex, which included four new classrooms, a music hall, and a library. Archbishop Albert G. Meyer dedicated the new two-story addition to the school on April 28, 1959.

In 2005, St. Edmund School formed a partnership with Dominican University in River Forest, continuing its mission of providing a well-founded Catholic education to the next generation of students. St. Edmund Parish School proudly celebrated ninety years of service to the parish and to the community in 2007, the year of the Parish Centennial.

The final day of school was June 3, 2016.


To visit the St. Edmund Parish School website, Click here.


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